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        Enabling Automotive and E-mobility Innovation with dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controllers and PIC24 Microcontrollers

        Modern automotive designs are incorporating a growing number of electronic systems for a variety of applications including sensor interfacing, actuator and motor control, power management, interior and exterior lighting, charging batteries, converting power rails, driving the motors in pumps, fans as well as advanced electronic control units and other technologies that enable drivers and passengers to control and interact with their vehicles. Designers also need innovative solutions for creating E-mobility applications. Our comprehensive portfolio of dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) and PIC24 microcontrollers (MCUs) is designed for extreme operating conditions, providing real-time response and high reliability—even in extreme temperatures—as well as features for functional safety to meet your automotive design challenges. Supported by our complete ecosystem of easy-to-use software and hardware tools, these solutions provide you with the right building blocks to quickly, easily and cost effectively develop embedded systems and enable first-time safety compliance.

        Key Highlights

        Prototype your design with the dsPIC33CH Dual-Core Development Board

        dsPIC33CH Dual-Core Development  Board Board Photo
        • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine in dsPIC33 DSCs boosts performance for real-time response
        • Specialized peripherals can be used to implement high-precision control of multiple sensorless, brushless motors and to run Field Oriented Control (FOC) algorithms
        • Digital power peripherals are ideal for implementing highly adaptive algorithms for digital power conversion applications and standards-based implementations
        • Integrated Intelligent Analog peripherals provide interfaces for smart sensing applications and enable sophisticated real-time filtering to improve sensors’ responsiveness
        • Key communication peripherals for CAN, CAN FD, LIN, SENT and other serial communication buses are available to implement robust automotive connectivity
        • A variety of dedicated hardware safety features increase reliability and provide monitoring functions for safety-critical applications
          • Flash Error Correction Code (ECC)
          • RAM Built-In Self-Test (RAM MBIST)
          • Deadman Timer (DMT)
          • Windowed Watchdog Timer (WWDT)
          • Fail Safe Clock Monitor (FSCM) and more
        • Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) improve responsiveness of safety-critical applications by offloading tasks from the Central Processing Unit (CPU)
        • Scalable solutions with memory ranging from 32 KB to 1024 KB, flexible feature sets and multiple package options are available to meet the specific requirements of your design
        • AEC Q100 qualified with support for 3V and 5V and temperatures up to 150°C for better noise immunity and robust operation in extreme conditions
        • Functional Safety hardware, collateral and software to ease ISO-26262 compliance

        How Can Your Automotive Application Benefit from dsPIC33 DSCs or PIC24 MCUs?

        High-Performance Embedded

        With their ability to resolve a wide variety of pressure points in embedded applications, dsPIC33 DSCs offer robust and fast deterministic performance to address safety-critical design requirements and a rich set of peripherals for demanding high-performance automotive applications.

        Key Highlights:

        • Cost-effective single-core DSCs are ideal for implementing math-intensive functions
        • Versatile dual-core DSCs for time- and safety-critical applications
        • 3V and 5V operation for better noise immunity

        Target Applications:

        • Electronic sensors
        • Camera control
        • Body electronics
        Automotive High-Performance Embedded Applications

        Motor Control

        Designed to implement high-efficiency, high-precision variable speed, constant torque and FOC motor control applications, dsPIC33 DSCs feature a variety of motor control peripherals and safety-critical hardware features along with robust operation for under-the-hood environments.

        Key Highlights:

        • DSP engine and tightly coupled peripherals for faster execution and improved responsiveness to enable complex, high-speed control loop implementation
        • Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) module with up to 16 channels for dual motor control
        • High integration of precision ADCs, DACs and high-speed comparators to reduce BoM cost and board space
        • Quadrature Encoder Interface (QEI) module for position sensing
        • 3V and 5V operation for better noise immunity
        • Rated for operation up to 150°C for under-the-hood applications that need to operate in extreme conditions

        Target Applications:

        • Primary motors driving E-scooters, E-hoverboards or E-bikes
        • Cooling fans and fuel and oil pumps
        • Body control including windows, doors, wipers, seat movement
        Automotive Motor Control Applications

        Digital Power Conversion and Battery Management

        Optimized to implement advanced algorithms for improved efficiency over widely varying load conditions, dsPIC33 DSCs feature dedicated peripherals for a variety of digital power conversion and lighting applications in vehicles. These products also provide the innovation to support working with new emerging markets like electric vehicles and in-car wireless charging.

        Key Highlights:

        • High-resolution 250 pS PWMs with the flexibility to control various power topologies
        • Tightly coupled CPU, PWMs and ADCs to reduce latency and improve control loop response, leaving more CPU bandwidth for housekeeping and system functions
        • Maximum analog integration including high-speed ADCs and DACs, programmable waveform generator, fast analog comparators and op amps
        • Flexibility to easily change software if industry standards like Qi change
        • Rated for operation up to 150°C and recommended for automotive applications

        Target Applications:

        • Under-hood to cabin 48-to-12V bus balancing
        • On-board chargers
        • Wireless charging of low-power batteries for e-bikes and golf carts
        • Battery management systems
        • Exterior LED lighting
        Automotive Digital Power Conversion Applications

        Smart Sensor Interfacing

        Loaded with Intelligent Analog peripherals, such as high-performance ADCs and DACs, high-speed comparators and op amps, PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC33 DSCs provide simple-to-use smart sensor interfaces for various electronic sensing applications

        Key Highlights:

        • High analog integration reduces costs and accelerates time to market
        • 5V operation for high signal-to-noise ratio and improved noise immunity
        • SENT interface for standard sensor interfacing
        • Rated for operation up to 150°C for under-the-hood operation

        Target Applications:

        • Pressure sensors
        • Rain sensors
        • Urea sensors
        Automotive Smart Sensor Interfacting Applications

        Solutions for Functional Safety

        As the latest automotive designs incorporate a growing number of electrical and electronic systems, applying the ISO 26262 standard has become a critical element in passenger safety. When you choose one of our PIC24 MCUs or dsPIC33 DSCs for your automotive design, we offer a variety of hardware and software features, development tools and functional safety collateral to help you achieve the desired Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) compliance:

        • Hardware functional safety features including but not limited to (visit the 16-bit Functional Safety page for the full list):
          • Memory: Flash Error Detection and Correction (ECC), Cyclical Redundancy Check (CRC)
          • System: Deadman Timer (DMT), Watchdog Timer (WDT)/Windowed WDT (WWDT), Power-on Reset (POR), Brown-out Reset (BOR), Asynchronous Master Clear Reset (MCLR)
          • Clocking: Redundant Oscillator, Fail Safe Clock Monitor (FSCM)
          • Central Processing Unit (CPU): Error Trap Monitors
          • General Purpose I/O (GPIO): ESD Protection, I/O Port Readback
        • Automotive-grade silicon (Q100 qualification, up to Grade 0)
        • Functional safety diagnostic firmware
        • Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA) report
        • Functional Safety Manual (FSM)
        • MPLAB® XC Functional Safety Certified Compilers
        • MCAL Drivers for Autosar

        For additional details on our functional safety solutions, please visit the Functional Safety Design Center.